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Insidious Armory Guide Plug Spacer Set ( Boost FPS )

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Insidious Armory Custom Guide Plug Spacers to boost fps

Boost your fps by 10-25 FPS per link 

Pack of 3 full metal Guide Plug Spacers

Just finished a build? FPS is a little low? Do you wish you can squeeze anywhere from 15-60 fps more ?

If you do not want to buy a different spring and waste time, then this set is made for you.

Each link adds approx 15-20 fps per spacer on an SSG build. Lets say field limit is 370 fps, your replica is 340 fps, without any other upgrades you can simple drop a spacer or two and reach your goal.

Full metal construction / will outlast your internals Precise / durable / & consistent results