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Maple Leaf Super Macaron 70°

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This bucking is an amazing way to increase accuracy.  Maple leaf are great when installed in a Maxx Model Hop unit . You can take advantage of the large hop window.

Similar to the Mr hop, this bucking offers a very large surface contact with the bb. This bucking will work with normal aeg barrels as well as bridgeless barrels, ( some GBB and VSR type barrels)  so be sure that your hop up chamber is designed for AEG buckings before ordering, as most GBB/VSR guns are designed for the thicker GBB/VSR buckings. 

Just like all other maple leaf hop buckings, you can seriously unleash its potential when paired with a Maxx Hop Unit.  

Works with Aeg Barrels as well as GBB / VSR type barrels. 

70° is designed for 350-450 fps