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The Real Deal Airsoft

BaAirsoft Complete HPA Hop Assembly

Regular price $119.99 USD
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Tax included.

Maxx Model M4P Hop Unit - $79.98

Maple Leaf Mr Hop Rubber - $10.50

ZCI 285 MM 6.02 Tight Bore Steel Inner Barrel $25

Inner Barrel Stabilizer O Rings 10 pack  - $5 

To properly install the real deal stabilizer o rings you must achieve perfect fitment by 

- swap out your stock hop unit for the Maxx hop unit  closer upper and see if you are able to push the front body pin through  

- If you are able to , keep adding o rings until you can NOT push the front body pin through  

- Now remove one O ring at a time , until you can push the front body pin through  

- You now achieved the perfect spacing for your hop unit to your upper