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The Real Deal Airsoft

Real Deal Cylinders

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Port Type

Stainless Steel Cylinder

  • Stainless steel 
  • Polished internally to offer a smooth surface that yields consistent FPS and optimal conditions for piston cycling
  • Compatible with most AEG Gearboxes 
  • "Anti-Heat" design allows the cylinder to dissipate heat faster for high speed DSG builds. The ribs on the cylinder aid in head dissipation

100%  400mm+ (Long Barrel Builds)

75% 285mm-385mm (Most commonly used cylinder) 

65% 175mm-250mm (Short barrel Builds) 

75% is Applicable for Single Sector Gear Builds with barrel length of approximately 285-385 as well as DSG builds. On a Duel Sector Gear you want the most air volume possible.  

The Piston on a DSG will not pull the piston past the port, therefore it will act like a full cylinder in DSG applications. 

100% Port is also applicable for DSG builds as well as DMR. 

On a Duel Sector Gear set up you want the most air volume possible. 

DSG Information - Observe how far back your piston travels, if your piston head does not get pulled past the port, then that cylinder will act as a full cylinder. Technically Speaking, both a 100% and a 75% cylinder could give you the same results. Each build is different, AOE correction plays a role in the air volume as well. Use what you feel your build requires based on the specifics of your build specs. 

The Cylinder directly effects the air volume within your system. You need to choose the proper air volume for the barrel length used. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Everything this guy carries is absolutely legit. Get yourself some 13:1 gears, a golden boi, and his compression system and you will outshoot the hpa guys by far

Sean Comer
Great cylinder

Smooth as glass in the inside and definitely keeps compression. Highly recommend

Mike Fitts
Great product

High quality and great fit,would recommend it to anyone

Bert Lopez
Great product

Excellent product

James Hopkins

Real Deal Cylinders