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The Real Deal Airsoft

FPS Boost Guide Plug Spacers

FPS Boost Guide Plug Spacers

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The Real Deal Airsoft FPS Boost Guide Plug Spacers 

  • 5 units total, 2x 5mm & 3x 3mm
  • Full Aluminum construction
  • Designed to fit all AEG guide plugs 

The Real Deal Airsoft FPS Boost Guide Plug Spacers are a must have for every technician and player that wants to fine tune their AEG. The purpose of these spacers is to consistently increase your fps with precision. With the addition of each link you will increase your FPS. 

If your field limit is 1.4J and your build is shooting 1.2J, perhaps a spring change would increase your fps way too much, or let's say you are building a dsg and want to squeeze a bit more fps out but do not want to change the spring for a heavier one.. that is where this product comes in handy! 

Results may vary, depending on your setup and spring strength, expect on average 10-20 FPS boost per 5mm link and 5-10 fps per 3mm link. 

You can mix combinations for different results. Example, you can use 2x of the 3mm for a total spacing of 6mm vs using one 5mm link. You can achieve very precise tuning with these spacers. 

We have designed them with a larger interior diameter to accommodate thicker guide plugs such as VFC and CYMA Platinum Series. Our FPS Boost Guide Plug Spacers will work with them perfectly fine. 

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