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The Real Deal Airsoft

Pre Build - MK18 Goblin “Pre Order“

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Real Deal Pre Build - MK18 Goblin

1.4 Joules 40 RPS about 390 FPS with .2

The Goblin Series of Pre Builds Focuses on 3 main points. Performance, Ergonomics, and Aesthetics. This Build Features a DSG Variant Real Deal Piston with Excess Teeth Removed Thus saving weight as well as the Real Deal Piston Head with enlarged Port Holes. This Build sports a 9 inch Outer Barrel. 


All Goblin Series are DSG Builds. 40 RPS is the minimum. Extremely Crisp Semi Response. As Jake says, "HPA like Trigger Response". This Build can shoot as fast as the operator can pull the trigger.  Not only does it have speed but it also has accuracy. Sporting the latest and best Hop Unit on the market, the Maxx Model CNC M4A Hop Unit, combined with a Maple leaf Rubber, Tight Bore Inner Barrel and Real Deal Inner Barrel Stabilizers, you for sure will be slinging ropes on the field. 

This Build has that iconic shooting sound you hear in my videos, the "Real Deal Pop" 

Ergonomics - Goblin Builds will always be built for airsoft performance and comfort. As an airsoft player myself, I have felt the line between realism and airsoft competition. The ergonomics of this build are designed to feel extremely comfortable in the unser's hands. Certain Features allow for an easy sight picture even with a full Face Mask. 

 Therefore drop stock adaptors, certain grip angles, and weight all are factored into the ergonomics of the Build. Skeletonized Receiver Sets aid in reducing the overall weight. Increasing user agility.  They will always be lightweight but rock solid with no boddy wobble. 


The Goblin Series are always flashy and turn heads. Featuring custom Laser Engraving Done in house Jake as well as a Color Scheme.  This build features a blue color scheme throughout the build. 

People will gravitate to you at your local fields and you will most likely receive many questions about your build. 

  • The Real Deal Performance Piston Assembly (DSG Variant) 
  • The Real Deal Golden Boi Motor Gen 2
  • The Real Deal Airsoft DSG Tappet Spring
  • The Real Deal Airsoft DGG SHS Tappet Plate
  • The Real Deal Airsoft Golden Cylinder Head 
  • The Real Deal Inner Barrel Stabilizer O rings
  • FLT Steel Bushings 8mm
  • 18:1 DSG Gear set 
  • Retro Arms CNC V2 Gearbox 
  • Maxx Model M4A Hop Unit
  • Maxx Model CNC Advanced Trigger Blue 
  • Maxx Model CNC Nozzle
  • Steel 6.02 Tight Bore Inner Barrel 
  • Maple Leaf Macaron Bucking
  • PTS EPS Stock
  • PTS EPM Magazine
  • SHS Spring
  • Drop Stock Adapter 
  • Perun Hybrid Mosfet
  • Custom Laser Engraved Gun Card
  • 11.1 Titan Lion Battery 

Package comes with 2 magazines, one EPM 150 and a Metal High Cap Magazine. Orange tip is included but is easily removable and tracer ready. Package also comes with custom gun card / Certificate of authenticity. 

You have the option to have your name Engraved into the Receiver. 

1 Year Warranty.  

This AEG is Highly tuned, no details were spared. From Crucial Tappet Plate timing and Bonding the bushings to the gearbox shell, to putting thread locker on certain screws throughout the system, this build was built for perfection.