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The Real Deal Airsoft

Pre Build Retro Arms Hop Up Barrel Assembly

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Barrel Length

Retro Arms CNC Hop Chamber 

Maple Leaf Macaron Bucking 

Maple Leaf Omega Hop Tensioner 

Tight Bore Inner Barrel

The Real Deal Airsoft Inner Barrel Stabilizer O Rings

Please view our Product Description for our Stabilizer O rings for installation instructions 

Choosing the proper nozzle length is crucial for optimal performance. We have a youtube video titled How to Tune an Airsoft Adjustable Nozzle, and in that video I explain the concept behind finding your proper nozzle length. Adjustable or non adjustable nozzle, same concept applies. We found that 21.1 works great with this combination. 

You can choose to use any nozzle you prefer, you can even use our Real Deal Light Weight CNC Single O Ring nozzle, sand the front end down from 21.4 to 21.1 and drop it in. 

To reduce nozzle length, plug your nozzle with foam, cloth or paper towel. This prevents debris from entering nozzle. 120 Grit sand paper will work, put the sand paper on a table and in a circular motion starts sanding down the tip of the nozzle. Frequently check the length to ensure proper nozzle length. Remove cloth by pushing it out the front of the nozzle, do not push the cloth down the nozzle towards the O ring. Lubricate and enjoy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason Lewis

Love it. Works great and super accurate.

Isaac Schweitzer
The Real Deal

Works well, the bucking just didn’t catch the bb but he helped me out and got it fixed.