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The Real Deal Airsoft

Real Deal 21.1 POM Nozzle

Real Deal 21.1 POM Nozzle

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The Real Deal Airsoft 21.1 POM Single O Ring Nozzle

Designed to be a a high speed light weight nozzle with amazing compression. We used and abused this nozzle in our DSG set ups for testing. 

Applicable for all build types and gear ratios. 

This Nozzle length is designed to work with Maxx Model Hop Chambers / Retro Arms Hop Chambers / Gate Hop Chambers, Krytac, and any other hop chamber that requires a 21.1mm nozzle  

This nozzle comes in the package with two o rings. A thinner and thicker o ring. Depending on your cylinder head fitment , seal preference and cycle speed, you can choose which o ring best suits your needs. 

When using a Real Deal Airsoft CNC Cylinder head, we recommend to use the thinner o ring.

  • 21.1 MM
  • Single O Ring Design
  • 0.6 Grams in weight 
  • Comes with 2 different thickness O Rings 
  • Polymer Construction 

We highly recommend to lubricate the cylinder head shaft with grease before installing a new nozzle. The Real Deal Airsoft Multi Use Grease is what the professionals use and recommend. 

Why did Real Deal choose White out of all the colors? You know how Real Deal always says he builds Aegs that perform like HPA without the tank and line? Well when using a Maxx hop chamber you are able to see the nozzle moving, and it looks exactly like a Polarstar jack nozzle when in the AEG. This is the ultimate addition to your build to wrap up the HPA performance in an AEG. Now you can really confuse your friends when you build you real deal cheek clapper, its HPA.. without the tank & line haha 

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