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The Real Deal Airsoft

Real Deal AOE Spacer - Nylon

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Pack of 2 Real Deal Spacers 

Perfectly sized AOE Spacer, evenly covers the entire face of the piston which acts as a barrier to prevent any forward movement of your piston rack if not bonded. (If your using our real deal piston this is not a factor) 

Sized to sit snug around your piston head set screw threads, ensuring the piston head is always centered during installation. (Rear Part of Piston Head) 

Super light Weight .03 Grams. When it comes to super fast cycling gearboxes, reducing the weight of your piston only aids in cycle speeds. 

AOE is the angle of engagement between the sector gear and your pick up tooth of your piston assembly. Using these spacers, you are allowing the sector gear to pick up your piston at a position closer to the 12 o’clock position, which outs less stress on the system as well as prevents a pre mature engagement of the sector gear to the piston. (If using a real deal piston this is not a factor. The way we cut our teeth prevents this issue from occurring.) AOE is still necessary. 

Use as many needed to achieve the perfect AOE. Some gearboxes builds do not necessarily need AOE correction, some need 2 washers and some need one. Start out with one washer and I serve your AOE. If your sector gear is engaging closer to the 12 o’clock position more so than a 1-2 o’clock position and your theirs Tory in your piston has clearance and there’s no PME of the teeth, you have successfully corrected the AOE. 

Our Real Deal Piston Assembly comes pre fitted with an AOE Washer, it is drop in ready. 

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Pretty hard to screw up spacers, they work good.