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The Real Deal Airsoft

Real Deal Replacement EndBell

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This replacement EndBell is made for all Real Deal Airsoft Motors. 

Have you ever broken your motor tab, and was frustrated not wanting to spend the money to buy the exact same motor again? 

Well now you do not have to! Easily replace your Real Deal Spec EndBell with these simple steps 

  • Unhinge Motor Brush Spring on both sides
  • Remove Motor Brush Spring
  • Remove Motor Brush 
  • Unscrew the 2 Black Screws in the EndBell
  • Pull / Pry the Endbell cap up and off

To re Install 

  • locate locking tab on the Red Terminal Side
  • Align this locking Tab with the locking tab cutout on the motor can
  • Simply put the endbell cap on, and push down firmly
  • Slide Motor Brushes in, with the silver brush wire on the left side of the brush, swing it into the motor spring post where the motor brush spring sits
  • Install Motor Brush Spring 

Clap Cheeks 

Also available are replacement

  • Silver Real Deal Motor Brush Springs 
  • Duel Bearing Tower
  • Pinion 

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Josiah Hunt

Can’t really give her opinion because I thought it was used for all motors but I for your motor