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The Real Deal Airsoft

Retro Arms CNC V2 for VFC

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RetroArms Gearboxes are manufactured from one block of aircraft aluminum (Dural) EN AW 7075 T651, they are milled on multi-axis CNC machines,

This VFC variant is a direct drop-in into vfc platforms

Ambidextrous Firing controls compatible

Functioning Bolt Catch feature compatible 

Why upgrade your gearbox from vfc which is great to Retro Arms?

Asides from increasing the lifespan of your gearbox significantly, VFC has some really thick rails where the piston rides. So thick that a majority of upgraded pistons such as SHS and the Real Deal Piston fit rather snug and often we sand the piston, not the rails to overcome this issue. 

This Retro Gearbox corrects all intolerances and allows for a much wider use of compatibility between parts. No modifications are required to install mosfets or drop parts in. 

You can use the parts you know and love!