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The Real Deal Airsoft

SSG Bundle Kit - V3

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Tappet Plate Option

Real Deal Single Sector Gear 13:1 Build Bundle kit for version 3 systems. 

With the purchase of this bundle, you, the future cheek clapper ( user ) will be able to save some money and lower the cost of your build, compared to buying each of these parts individually. 

These parts are the bread and butter to a solid Single sector Build. 

SSG Kit - Real Deal Performance Piston kit includes 

  • Real Deal Performance Piston Assembly 
  • Real Deal Golden Boi High Torque Motor Gen 2 SHORT TYPE
  • SHS / Rocket 13:1 Ratio Gear Set
  • Fresh Pack of Rocket Shims ( .1 / .15 / .2mm ) 
  • SHS V3 Tappet Plate or Retro Arms POM Tappet Plate 


 Purchase of a mosfet is recommended in order to control the system with precision. We also  recommend to upgrade your bearings / bushings to Real Deal CNC Steel Bushings or Real Deal J cage Bearings. 

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Weihang Wang

SSG Bundle Kit - V3

Sherman Meeds
SSG Bundle Kit V3

These pre built kits are the the way to go! The convenience and value are unmatched.