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The Real Deal Airsoft

SSG Scatter Boi Pre Build

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The Real Deal Airsoft Scatter Boi Series - SSG Pre Build 

1.25J 30 RPS

The Scatter Boi Series features our all new Skeletoized Receiver Set which is a collaboration between The Real Deal Airsoft and Monk Customs. Real Deal Designed each and every cut and its placement on the receiver. Carefully avoiding the skeletonization of certain areas on the receiver to prevent light sensor issues, ensuring premium performance and durability. 

Entire Build Including the Stock is 3.5 LBS total weight

Included in this pre build are 2 190rd Midcap magazines. It is the magazine featured in the display photos!

Focusing on performance - This line is sporting our new 6.01 Polished Brass inner barrel. Coupled with a Retro Arms CNC Hop Chamber and our Lightweight CNC Nozzle, this build shoots lasers. easily reaching 200 feet targets as shown on our social media. 

This build is guaranteed to turn heads at your field !

Product Specs 

  • The Real deal Airsoft Scatter Boi Receiver Set & Hand-guard 
  • The Real Deal Airsoft Performance Piston Assembly 
  • The Real Deal Airsoft Golden Boi Motor
  • The Real Deal Airsoft Anti Reverse Latch
  • The Real Deal Airsoft CNC 8mm Bushings
  • The Real Deal Airsoft V2 Tappet Plate 
  • The Real Deal Airsoft CNC Nozzle 
  • The Real Deal Airsoft Cylinder Head
  • The Real Deal Airsoft Buffer Tube
  • The Real Deal Airsoft Steel Cylinder 
  • The Real Deal Airsoft Super Tappet Spring
  • The Real Deal Airsoft Barrel extension
  • The Real Deal Airsoft Stabilizer O Rings
  • Retro Arms CNC Gearbox QSC
  • Retro Arms CNC Hop Chamber
  • Low Ratio Gear Set
  • Perun Hybrid Mosfet
  • Maxx Model Trigger Silver
  • SHS Spring
  • Monk Customs Green Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel
  • Maple Leaf Bucking
  • Maple Leaf Omega Hop Tensioner 
  • 2x 190rd Midcap Magazines
  • Crane Stock 

Bonus Features 

  • Laser Engraved Gun Card / Cert of Authenticity 
  • 2x Mid cap Magazines 
  • 1 inch Barrel extension 




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