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Torque Boi 22 TPA - High Torque Motor

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The Torque Boi is the big brother to the well known, Golden Boi Motor. The Torque boi focuses more on semi response and efficiency for builds that are not chasing a super high rate of fire. This is the go to "Milsim Motor". Super Snappy Semi and about 25-28 RPS on auto paired with 13:1 Gears

Made to Real Deal Airsoft Standards with Heat Treated Pinion Gear, two bearings in the tower & much more,  this motor will ensure maximum cheek clappage!  

⁍ 22 TPA 25K

⁍ Silver Brushes

⁍ 4 Bearings total - 2 in Tower 

⁍ Steel Hardened D Type Pinion Grub Screw Has ThreadLocker Applied  

⁍ N35SH Rated Magnets ( High Temp Rating ) 

⁍ CNC End-bell

⁍ Steel Shaft Spring

⁍ Vent cutouts on the can, this helps cool the motor faster as well acts as a port to self clean carbon dust and debris out of the armature. 

Replacement Brushes are available for purchase **

Silver Carbon Brushes have a much longer life span and lower electrical resistance than standard carbon brushes. Brushes are the only thing that need to be replaced on a DC motor over time. Silver brushes will extend the life of your Motor.

WHY N35SH  ? What does SH mean ? 

Every magnet indeed has a temperature rating. That temperature rating informs the user at what temperatures these magnets can perform before the torque starts to drop off. The maximum Temperature of operational efficiency is when, a magnets begins to heat up , its magnetic field becomes weaker, the result is less torque, more amp draw, less performance. 

If you for some reason down the line experience a drop off in performance... it is ONLY because your brushes are worn out and need replacement. 

Thats The Real Deal.

Applications are but not limited to 18:1 / 16:1 / 13:1 / DSG / DMR 

More TPA equals more torque. If you are building a high FPS SSG build, odds are you are pulling a heavy spring. This motor would be the better choice when comparing the Golden Boi 2.0 and the Torque Boi in this situation. 

DSG - Which motor should you choose, Golden Boi 2.0 or the Torque Boi? The T.B. will produce less motor heat under the same stress, and will have a slower rate of fire by a few RPS or so. If your chasing the rate of fire and want to break the 40 RPS then you will want the Golden Boi 2.0 in that case. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great motor

Paired with the eps c grip, the fit is so tight with his colar.. it's sexual

Vincent Grimaldi
Great Motor

I typically only change the barrel and bucking in my Krytac AEGs, but this made a huge change in my stock KRYTAC Trident compared to the OEM KRYTAC motor. Just bought another one for my second Krytac and will likely install them in any AEG I own down the road.



Evan Zhang
Good motor

I paired it with 13:1 gears and 11.1v lipo with m120 spring and it is snippy (I can’t spam the trigger yet because I need a better mosfet for that like a perun hybrid or something and I’m using standard trigger contacts) it’s not the motors fault that I can’t get faster spam speed but when I get that mosfet it will go Brrrrrrrrrrrrt