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The Real Deal Airsoft

Brolic Boi 28 TPA - Super High Torque Motor

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The Real Deal Airsoft Brolic Boi 28 TPA 19K RPM Super High Torque Motor 

The Brolic Boi focuses more on semi response and efficiency for builds that are not chasing a high rate of fire. This motor is for the people who only care about semi response and efficiency. 

Made to The Real Deal Airsoft Standards with Heat Treated Pinion Gear, two bearings in the tower 4 bearings total 

& much more,  this motor will ensure maximum cheek clappage!  

⁍ 28 TPA 19K

 ⁍ Silver Brushes

 ⁍ 4 Bearings total - 2 in Tower 

 ⁍ Steel Hardened D Type Pinion Grub Screw Has ThreadLocker Applied  

 ⁍ N35SH Rated Magnets (High Temp Rating) 

 ⁍ CNC End-bell

 ⁍ Steel Shaft Spring

 ⁍ Vent cutouts on the can, this helps cool the motor faster as well acts as a port to self clean carbon dust and debris out of the armature. 

Replacement Brushes, EndBell, and Pinions are available for purchase **

 Silver Carbon Brushes have a much longer life span and lower electrical resistance than standard carbon brushes. Brushes are the only thing that need to be replaced on a DC motor over time. Silver brushes will extend the life of your Motor.

WHY N35SH  ? What does SH mean ? 

Every magnet indeed has a temperature rating. That temperature rating informs the user at what temperatures these magnets can perform before the torque starts to drop off. The maximum Temperature of operational efficiency is when, a magnets begins to heat up , its magnetic field becomes weaker, the result is less torque, more amp draw, less performance. Being SH rated you virtually will never get the motor hot enough to reduce its magnetic field. Which means spam your heart away, our motors will never lose torque under high stress. 

If you for some reason down the line experience a drop off in performance... it is ONLY because your brushes are worn out and need replacement. 

Thats The Real Deal.

Applications are but not limited to 18:1 / 16:1 / 13:1 / DSG / DMR 

More TPA equals more torque. If you are building a high FPS SSG build, odds are you are pulling a heavy spring. This motor would be the better choice when comparing the to our other motors. 

Which motor should you choose?

Golden Boi 2.0, Torque Boi ,or the Brolic boi? All of these motors can be used in a DSG application and SSG applications. 

DSG Applications - All have sufficient torque, and it comes down to what you care most about. If you are craving that BRRRRRT 40 rps on auto, then the golden boi. ALL of our motors can be used with DSG builds. Its a matter of RPS at that point. The Brolic Boi will draw the least amount of amps. 

If you want similar RPS and do not care about hitting a certain RPS number and want a nice balance then the Torque Boi 22 motor could be used.

Lastly, if you really do not care about full auto and want the most efficient build possible without going brushless, you want the lowest amp draw, and supreme trigger response, or are pulling a heavy spring such as a DMR or a semi locked build, then this motor would be your choice. 

(brushless there is a sacrifice of Power for reliability, I advise to build with Brushed for durability and longevity) 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Keithan Blackmon
Favorite motor

Great quality motor I paired it with 12:1 gear set and the trigger response is amazing. I have all 3 real deal motor I highly recommend them I use only these motors from now on.

Real deal has the best shit

I have the brolic in a dmr, a torque Boi in a dsg pdw and a golden Boi coming for my 10 in BR and all three are amazing

cache holt

good motor but fried my internals don’t recommend without upgrading other parts


Super torquey. Cannot wait for my 13:1 gears and real deal piston assembly to finish my DMR