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The Real Deal Airsoft

Golden Boi Gang Patch

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Dimensions 3”x2”

The Real Deal Airsoft Golden Boi Gang Patch features the motor you know and love, personified as a swagged out dude, welcoming you to the Golden Boi Gang. 

If your build is sporting a Real Deal Airsoft Golden Boi motor, then you my friend are apart of the Golden Boi Gang. 

Let it be known, that you are a real dealer, ready to clap cheeks at a moments notice. Wearing this patch let’s the competition know that you have a reliable , sexy , high torque motor in your build. 

This patch instantly increases swag and let’s the world know that you are no longer a rental kid. You are a real dealer cheek clapper. 


PVC Patch with Velcro on the rear. 

Customer Reviews

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Joel Cruz
Nice patch

Stay in the know get this patch for your vest or patch wall it's nice!

Hector Reyes

IF u love patches this is definitely one that u want in your collection not only is it well designed but u become a certified cheek clapper and a part of the one and only GOLDEN BOI GANG nothing tops that really. Thx Jake for this masterpiece!!🙏