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The Real Deal Airsoft

Stubby Sleeper Build

Stubby Sleeper Build

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The Stubby Sleeper Build on the outside looks like a stock replica, but boi oh boi, under the hood she’s super upgraded with high tier performance.  

33-35 RPS 350 FPS 

Super light weight, due to a strong polymer body and a light weight retro CNC gearbox, you can virtually run this one handed  

7 inch hand guard and outer barrel 

Focused on performance, internally we spared no expense. This build is powered by a 39K T238 Brushless Motor, providing a trigger response on par with a DSG. Boasting a healthy 33-35 RPS with perfect feeding, made possible by our Real Deal Airsoft High Speed Delay Chip. 

Trigger response and rate of fire is great, how’s the accuracy? Internally the build features a Retro Arms CNC Hop chamber paired with a custom Polished inner barrel combined with the industries favorite bucking MR Hop by maple leaf, and Real Deal Stabilizer O Rings. We reccomend to use the heaviest BBs your field allows .25-.30 

Options for customization - We left the dust cover untouched as well as the majority of the receiver. You can request any custom detail to be engraved onto the dust cover / receiver

This sleeper Build comes included with a waffle style mid cap magazine with the text “Sleeper” engraved onto it. No one can mistake their mag for yours!  

 Internal Specs 

  • Real Deal Airsoft Piston Body 
  • Real Deal High Speed Delay Chip
  • Real Deal Airsoft 8mm CNC Bushings
  • Real Deal Super Tappet Spring
  • Real Deal CNC Cylinder Head
  • Real Deal Stabilizer O Rings
  • SHS V2 Tappet Plate
  • SHS 13:1 Gearset 
  • Perun Hybrid MOSFET 
  • Retro Arms CNC Gearbox QSC 
  • Retro Arms CNC Hop Chamber
  • FPS Softair Piston Head 
  • Maxx Nozzle 
  • Maple Leaf Hop Rubber 
  • PTS EPG 
  • T238 39k Brushless Motor 
  • Stubby Stock 

Bonus Features 

  • Sleeper Mid Cap Magazine 
  • Gun Card / Cert of Authenticity 

1 Year Warranty - Lifetime Support 

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