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Inner Barrel Hop Unit Stabilizer O Rings

Inner Barrel Hop Unit Stabilizer O Rings

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Comes in a pack of 10 

Inner barrel / Hop Unit Stabilizer O Rings

Apply these o rings to your inner barrel and slide them down u till they make contact with your hop up unit. They key is to install enough o rings until you can not close your front body pin, from there remove one O ring at a time until you can close the front body pin. at this point you will have the perfect amount of O rings to properly seat and seal your hop unit to your gearbox. 

By installing these o rings you are 

- Firmly pressing your hop unit up against your gearbox shell eliminating excess vibrations and removing any movement of the hop unit. 

- Increase consistency in feeding 

- Increased FPS consistency 

- Seals any air that would escape between the hop unit and the gearbox as well as any air that would leak around the brass collar sleeve that slides on to your inner barrel in front of the C clip. 

Common issues found is AEGs that are misfeeding is that there is play within the hop up unit. It moves and jumps around with each cycle. Your nozzle is trying to chase your bucking. By installing these O rings you are eliminating these variables and locking your hop up unit into position. 

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