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The Real Deal Airsoft

Limited Edition RD Golden Boi Motor

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Limited Edition RD Custom Motors 18 TPA 29K RPM N35SH

There are only 15 units available to the public.

Each Motor will be marked with its own number increasing the rarity and authenticity of the item.

An amazing collectors item as well as an amazing performing motor.

If you are a Real Deal Airsoft Enthusiast, then grabbing this motor is equivalent to grabbing on to a piece of history

⁍18 TPA 29K RPM

⁍Silver Brushes

⁍ 4 Bearings total - 2 in Tower 

⁍Steel Hardened D Type Pinion Grub Screw Has ThreadLocker Applied

⁍N35SH Rated Magnets ( High Temp Rating )

 ⁍CNC End-bell

⁍Steel Shaft Spring

⁍Vent cutouts on the can, this helps cool the motor faster as well acts as a port to self clean carbon dust and debris out of the armature.

Replacement Brushes and Endbells are available for purchase **

Real Deal Airsoft Motor Limited Edition

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I never bought it looks cool lol, (send me one pls ;)