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Maple Leaf Macaron Bucking

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Maple Leaf AEG Macaron Rubber hop up bucking. A great solid hopup bucking for your airsoft AEG. 

I recommend this bucking for set ups that do not have a flat hop arm. for example stock hop up units using stock hop arms and nubs. You can for sure use upgraded nubs and arms. If you are using a traditional nub to apply hop then you may have an issue with un even surface contact with the Mr hop rubber, in that case this bucking would be best suited for you. 

Just like all other maple leaf hop buckings, you can seriously unleash its potential when paired with a Maxx Hop Unit. 

Fits on all AEG barrel assemblies. 70 degree is the most popular and recommended unless you have a specific type you need.  The Macaron buckings are designed to be used with standard AEG cut barrels. 

70 Degree is designed for 350-450 FPS

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Quinn Donnelly
Pretty good

W real deal


One of the best buckings in general!