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Maple leaf Mr Hop (R Hop) Bucking

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The Maple Leaf MR Hop Up Bucking is a high-quality bucking designed to improve the performance of your AEG. 

Achieve really good air seals with an upgraded bucking and increase your range and accuracy. 

The Mr hop bucking replicates what a R hop patch would do. This bucking offers supreme surface contact with the bb, the entire window is consumed by the bucking's R hop esk nub. 

Just like all other maple leaf hop buckings, you can seriously unleash its potential when paired with a Maxx Hop Up Unit.  

Works best with heavier ammo as it is able to hop .3 very easily. 

60 degree bucking is applicable for indoor builds 300-400
70 degree bucking is applicable for 370-430 FPS
75 degree bucking is applicable for higher FPS builds using heavier BBs 430+ FPS


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Isaac Hewitt
The best Bucking

After trying many many buckings we have landed here with Mr. Hop bucking. Even compared to the other Maple Leaf buckings this one seems to perform the best throughout many times of builds such as SSG and DSG. It also seemed to help my fps consistency and no doubt made my DSG a beam when on full auto.
Feel free to reach out to me at or 8034042041 for any AEG, Hi-Capa, and HPA Upgrades & Repairs

Luke P.
It Beams I Highly Reccomend

I have my Mr hop bucking paired with a maxx hop up and it shoots perfectly with exceptions of the wind but I plan on using it indoors and I was only using .25g bb's when I did some test shots. I think it would've definitely performed better had I used a .30g or even .28g bb. No regrets.

Kyle Wainscott

This bucking is incredible. It definitely increases accuracy even in an LMG replica. Great upgrade for any airsoft replica though.

Jonathan Berroa

I would definitely recommend. Increase the range by 30 feet without modifying anything else.

Anthony Vasington

Maple leaf Mr Hop (R Hop) Bucking