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Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Advanced Trigger (Style D) (Blue)

Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Advanced Trigger (Style D) (Blue)

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Trigger Version

100% compatible with Perun Hybrid mosfet. 

CNC Aluminum Advanced Speed Trigger (Style D)  2 Versions available

Over Travel and Take up Version - Has 2 points of adjustment ideal for HPA trigger boards / Micro Switches as well as AEG optical Mosfets.

Over Travel Only version - Ideal for Optical Mosfets

The Advanced Speed Trigger has multiple adjustment points to control pre-travel and over-travel to shorten trigger pull and prevent damage to electronic switches on controller boards.

The Advanced Speed Trigger is completely compatible with the popular TITAN™ Electronic Module from Gate for Ver. 2 Gear Box. As well as Perun Hybrid 

The Advanced Speed Trigger is designed with relieve cuts to function in most Tokyo Marui (TM) spec. AEG and HPA systems.

The main pivot pin of the trigger is made from Titanium for maximum strength and durability.

The body of the trigger is CNC machined out of a solid block of Aircraft Grade Aluminum.

The Aluminum and Titanium construction makes this trigger very light and durable.
Moreover, the trigger is carefully chamfered the edges and securely fitted with three rubber pads to ensure comfort, enhance traction and secure grip.

With the unique shapes, stylish design and colors, we will have an option to fit your style needs.

If you want your AEG to be able to have super fast follow up shots, get your self a fine tuned adjustable trigger. 

Trigger Spring is included. 

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