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Maxx Model Hop Up Chamber M4A- PRO Red

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This is the newest offering from Maxx Model. The M4A Pro edition is designed for AEGs. 21mm- 21.25mm Nozzles are recommended for this unit. 

CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber M4A Pro (with BB Latching System) unit is precisely machined to perform accurately and consistently on Tokyo Marui , including G&G, Kryatc, NOT KWA. Standard M4/M16 AEG series.

The Hopup Chamber M4A unit is built with an aluminum Rotary Dial Knob for fine hopup adjustments, the precision Hopup Lever and 4mm Bucking Nubs (6mm Bucking Nubs are optional) to perform best with R-Hop and Standard-Hop to keep the BB shooting accurately and consistently on every single shot.

The Hopup Chamber M4A unit is designed to accept 21.00mm to 21.25mm nozzle length, and fully compatible with most aftermarket soft and hard rubber buckings without losing FPS or dropping BB during use.

The Hopup Chamber M4A unit is wisely equipped with an interchangeable Inlet Adapter. OD11mm to ensure the hopup unit is inserted exactly in the center of the 11mm inner bore AEG Gearbox/HPA Engine nozzle outlet without wobbling. Inlet Adapter OD11.5mm and OD12mm are optional)

Also mounted the removable CNC Brass Side Wings to slide smoothly into the outer barrel slots, and included an advanced CNC Delrin Locking C- Clip to hold the inner barrel tight in place without wobbling and twisting.

More than that, the Hopup Chamber M4A Pro unit is specially designed with a new BB Latching System to prevent BB dropping after removing the magazine. The Latching Arm can also be manually pressed to release the remaining BB from inside the hopup chamber.


1 x CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber M4A Pro (with BB Latching System) unit
2 x CNC Acrylic Side Cover
2 x CNC Brass 2.5mm Side Wing
1 x CNC Steel Pivot Pin
1 x CNC Aluminum Hopup Lever
1 x CNC Aluminum Soft Round Nub
1 x CNC Aluminum Soft Flat Nub (4mm)
1 x CNC Aluminum Hard Concave Nub (4mm)
3 x Steel Nub Spring
1 x CNC Steel Spring Guide
1 x Steel Upper Compression Spring
1 x Steel Center Compression Spring
1 x CNC Delrin Locking C-Clip
1 x CNC Brass Barrel Spacer
1 x Brass Barrel Spacer Holder Oring
1 x CNC Aluminum Rotary Dial Knob
1 x CNC Aluminum Inlet Adaptor (OD11mm)
1 x CNC Brass Inlet Spacer

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Everything was great still working out the maxx model hop up to figure out if I like it

Will Hensel
The best hop up out there

While the hop up does apply hop to the bbs, it also does a lot more for seal and feeding. This thing solved all my problems, and it’s clear that this is a major step up from older maxx hop ups, as that was what I was running before, and always seemed to have issues randomly.

Remon Dijkstra

Does this unit fit in a Herratic Article1 MTW platform?

Maxx makes another chamber called the M4W for that platform this one will not work.

Zixiao Liu
Your ultimate choice for any AR build

Just works so well no troble, I recommend this to anyone who uses R-hop with an R-hop patch. The R-hop head have a great size to push the patch, so regulate your bb very well! Meanwhile this hopup have good sealing so efficiency never be a problem,

Anthony Vasington

Maxx Model Hop Up Chamber M4A- PRO Red