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The Real Deal Airsoft

Pre Build - Real Deal Goblin DMR

Pre Build - Real Deal Goblin DMR

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Real Deal Goblin DMR

The Real Deal Airsoft’s signature series , the “Goblin Series” Carries specific build traits which make it a head turner on the field.

Ergonomics - Performance - Aesthetics

The Goblin Series features Real Deal’s Damascus Laser engraved Texture on a light weight skeletonized Receiver Set, coupled with a drop stock that allows better sight picture and comfortable posture. Aimed at decreasing fatigues and increase the players performance aka increasing fun levels ! 

The Goblin DMR has a realistic feeling trigger with a tactile break, but yet still fully spammable. 14 Inch Outer Barrel 

1.9 Joules Semi Locked - 28 RPS

  • Retro Arms Gearbox
  • SHS 18:1 Gearset
  • Steel Low Profile Bushings
  • Real Deal Performance Piston Assembly
  • Real Deal tappet spring
  • Real Deal Cylinder Head
  • Real Deal Inner Barrel Stabilizer O Rings
  • Real Deal Performance Anti Reverse Latch & Spring
  • 35k Brushless Motor
  • PTS EPG-C Grip
  • PTS EPS (Stock)
  • Jefftron Optical Mosfet
  • Jefftron Blue Speed Trigger
  • SHS V2 Tappet Plate
  • Maxx M4A Hop Unit
  • Maxx Adjustable Nozzle
  • Maple Leaf Hop Rubber
  • 6.03 Polished Inner Barrel
  • SHS Spring 
  • Skeletonized Receiver Set 
  • Centurion Arms M-LOK Grip
  • Drop Stock Adapter
  • PTS EPM1-S
  •  11.1 Titan Battery 
  • Custom Laser Engraved Build Card 

Bonus features include:

  1. 2x Magazines - 1 PTS EPM1-S 170 Mid Cap Magazine and one Metal High Cap. ( Mid Cap Magazines are recommended for optimal feeding ) 
  2. Laser engraved gun card 
  3. 11.1 Titan Battery 

For optimal performance use no lighter than .32 bb. Avoid lancer tactical bbs , avoid light weight bbs. use BLS , Tippman , HPA , Elite Force , Acetech to name a few trusted brands. 





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