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The Real Deal Airsoft

Real Deal Performance Piston Assembly 5.0

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The Real Deal Airsoft Performance Piston assembly 

All new 5th generation piston with significant design changes from all previous models. Wide use Piston, for use in majority gearboxes that use  V2 and V3 Pistons.
⁍ 14 Tooth  Steel  (Metal Injection Molding & Heat Treated) AOE Corrected Rack 
⁍ 2nd Tooth removed to ensure proper engagement with Sector Gear
⁍ Steel Rack is Bonded to Piston Body for added Strength 
⁍ Strong DuPont Polymer body with New Thick Pick Up Tooth Support  ( Please Read Tech Tip at the Bottom) 
⁍ The Real Deal Airsoft High Speed Nylon AOE Spacer
⁍ The Real Deal Airsoft Piston Head 
⁍ Stainless Steel Set Screw , (Threadlocked) 
⁍ Viton Super Slick O Ring 
⁍ All new 10 Hole Real Deal Piston Head
⁍ Pre Lubricated 

**Important Tech Tip***
This Piston has a thick reinforcement on the rear of the piston behind the pick up tooth. You can damage this portion of the piston if you trip the anti reversal latch upon disassembly. When the anti reversal latch is tripped when under spring tension, especially with Duel Sector Gears , the sector will spin the reverse way and release tooth will cycle backwards smacking into the polymer support. 
The prototype versions during beta testing all intentionally had the support removed to test this scenario. No failures occurred. Test was 70k rounds 18:1 DSG M160 Spring. 

Drop in fit for standard v2 and V3 spec.
Retro Arms Gearbox / G&G G2 Gearbox / Krytac Gearbox / Lonex / G&P / Ares Gearbox / VFC gearbox / G&P Stoner Gearbox / CYMA Platinum /  VFC Scar H / FN Herstal Scar L / Ares Gearbox / Elite Force 

‍Why upgrade your piston, why the Angle of Engagement mod? 

‍Your piston gets pulled by metal gears. If not all, the majority of your teeth on your piston are polymer. They will get stripped out. For long term durability, this upgrade is crucial, and it is important to ensure proper alignment and engagement between the gears and your piston, this way you can have confidence as you clap[ cheeks on the field with your increased cycle speed. 

High speed without the sacrifice of durability. The goal of The Real Deal’s parts are performance & durability. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Clinton Russell
Russell's Customs certified.

I'm not brand loyal, but the quality and design of the piston is undeniable. It comes pre-bonded, pre-AOE corrected, the best porting on the market, and the piston body is the smoothest in every gearbox I've ever fit it into. These are all that I install. And you should do the same.

Bert Lopez
About the Piston assembly.

I have used this assembly in three AEGs so far. Love it.

great products worked as said in the information tab

Very good product would reccomend

It's your tech's favorite tech.

Whether you're an experienced self-tech or you decided you'd rip off your tech and buy their scoped parts list they qouted ya, there's a reason you're looking at this product right now. The rumors are true, this piston assembly is the creme de la creme. Toss this badboy into your stock cylinder and boom you've got great compression right off the bat. I ordered this in a pinch and got it in time to install before MSW. Replica stayed up for whole event and my LMG was schwacking fools the whole time. Shout out to the RealDeal, very satisfied with this innovation. Get with it!

Tristan Wittry
10/10 but the price is high

The piston/piston head I used works amazing and there is 0 air loss but the parts prices add up very very quickly here