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Retro Arms CNC Split Gearbox V2

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RetroArms Gearboxes are manufactured from one block of aircraft aluminum (Dural) EN AW 7075 T651, they are milled on multi-axis CNC machines. 

The Split variant allows the user to remove their upper portion of the gearbox , accessing the entire compression system, without interfering or messing with the lower half which holds the gears and mosfet. 

With this access the user can inspect their gearbox with precision. You will be able to clearly see your shimming tolerances and perform detailed inspections and alterations. The split also makes the quick change spring system extremely easy.  

Pro Tip for insanely fast access to your upper gearbox, if you use a drop stock you will have direct access to the screw that secures the guide plug in the upper gearbox. By simply removing that screw that goes into the rear of the drop stock, you can now pop your upper gearbox off once you remove the upper receiver.