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The Real Deal Airsoft

The Real Deal Airsoft EZO J Cage Bearings

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Real Deal EZO Bearings are some of the highest quality bearings on the market. 

8mm J Caged Stainless Steel Ball Bearing (3x8x3mm) 

Set of 6 

Bearings reduce the friction within your electrical system. 

Achieve a super smooth cycle with these Real Deal Bearings. 

J cage are the strongest type bearings in airsoft application. Crown Cage which comes stock on most AEGs are the weakest and bound to fail post upgrade. 

Low Profile Bearings makes shimming a dream, leaving plenty of room inside the gearbox for precise shimming. As well as less interference with the selector plate in V2 applications. 

Compatible with ALL 8mm Gearboxes 

*** Technician Pro Tip *** Bearings do require proper installation and maintenance. It is recommended to glue or bond the bearings to your gearbox shell. Shim gears properly and use a grease / lubricant in your bearings. It is not advised to run bearings dry. Happy Cheek Clapping. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jason Lewis
High quality

These make a world of difference, I would not build without a set.


Absolutely amazing


Super smooth and really high quality. Nice tight fit into a vfc gearbox and some of the smoothest bearings I've used.

Caden Hill
Fine Bearings—Misleading Info

These are not low-profile. Unlike true low profile bearings or bushings, like FLT, these will rub and cause issues in builds where the sector plate or gearbox design calls for low profile.

Nothing wrong with the bearings themselves.

Sebastian Albarran

The Real Deal Airsoft EZO J Cage Bearings