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The Real Deal Airsoft

The Real Deal Airsoft "Scatter Boi Body" - Skeletonized Receiver Set

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The Real Deal Airsoft Collaborated with Monk Customs to bring you my very own line of skeletoznized receiver sets.

Jake from The Real Deal Airsoft designed every cut, and every detail of the "Scatter Boi", it all started with a piece of paper and a drawing. Monk Customs took this design sketch and after half a year of design work, engineering, and CAD modeling, the "Scatter Body" is here! 

Fully skeletonized Upper / Lower / and front handguard. The use of modern mosfets with optical sensors played a role in the placement of various cuts throughout the lower receiver. Over at The Real Deal Airsoft, we wanted to ensure that there will be no light sensor issues when using our "Scatter Boi Body". 

Furthermore, for added customization possibilities, we skeletonized two 3 inch horizontal slits into the lower, on on each side, allowing placement for the user to have their name, callsign, or build specs, laser engraved into their gearbox, un-interrupted .

The cerakote finish provides an extra layer of protection against wear and tear, while the CNC-milled cuts ensure maximum precision and stability during gameplay.

Full Monolithic Top Rail with weight saving cutouts under it

  • Milled from a Solid Block of Aluminum
  • Full Monolithic Top Rail with weight saving cutouts underneath  
  • M Lock Cutouts on hand-guard on the bottom , left, and right side
  • 6'' Free Float Hand-guard 
  • Monk Customs Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Monk Customs End Cap
  • Maxx Model Magazine Catch
  • Retro Arms Front/Rear Body Pins 
  • Retro Arm Selector Switch 
  • Entire Set weighs 15.1 Ounces 
  • Cerakote Paint Job in various different colors

V2 Compatible - Outer Barrel Not Included - will be stocking Monk Carbon Fiber Barrels Shortly - Normal V2 Outer Barrels will work just fine

Customer Reviews

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David White

Quality parts. Super light weight. And most importantly its looks awesome.

wow this came out stunning !