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The Real Deal Airsoft

The Real Deal Piston Head 5.0

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The Real Deal Real Seal 

  •  Re-designed with larger and more ports in efforts of reducing the Vacuum Effect in High Rate of Fire Builds  
  • Aluminum construction with 10 ports to ensure proper O ring inflation
  • New design uses super slick Viton O ring. This O ring has superior properties to the standard material O rings that come with most piston heads. You will not have to worry about losing the flair on your O ring. It's made of a stronger material that can really take a beating. Super High RPS builds will appreciate this O ring.
  • Incredibly friction resistant as well as temperature resistant. Can be used in extremely Cold and Hot environments. 
  • Ball bearing design to aid in smoothness of cycling With spring
  • Comes with long  stainless steel set screw to ensure a tight fit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kenneth Coble

Absolutely perfect for any piston. The bushings are a sweet touch and will provide longer life and less wear and tear. Get it!

Rigoberto Arreguin

The Real Deal Piston Head 5.0

Bert Lopez
The Real Deal Piston Head

Great product. Will buy again.

Look no further, this is the piston head you want!

I have been using your performance pistons and piston assemblies since the gen1 and always appreciated the research jake does in order to keep striving to put out the best products he can and again as expected there is no disappointment when it comes to the real deal gen5 piston. There is not much to a piston head so some companies will new and different piston heads that look cool with their concave or mushroom shape. They add huge ports, more ports , less ports and fancy colors and logos and charge a premium for them. A lot of times these fancy piston heads have no quality increase to them, often even performing worse. They have proprietary designs that only work with certain cylinder heads and when not pared with that specific cylinder head you can have problems in your compression system such as fps drop and your left wondering why your $25 “whiz bang” piston head has caused problems in your system. The real deal isn’t selling you magic beans he keeps it simple with a tried and tested flat face design that’s going to work with almost every stock polymer cylinder heads to the most expensive high end ones. He keeps the viton O ring which has given me the most consistent fps builds over the years and increases the effectiveness of the o ring by adding a few more ports and increasing the ports size just enough to increase the back pressure on the viton o ring creating an even better seal. Add in the stronger screw and smooth black finish and you end up with last piston you’ll need to buy. The real deal gen5 piston head is for sure a winner and my new go to. Pick one up and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


Great piston head, seals and works very well