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The Real Deal Airsoft

The Real Deal Airsoft 8mm Low Profile Bushings CNC

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The Real Deal Airsoft CNC Steel Bushings in 8mm 

  • CNC Stainless Steel 
  • Low Profile 2mm thick 
  • Comes in a pack of 6 

These bushings have a super low profile at 2mm thick, this prevents unwanted contact between the bushing and the selector plate in V2 systems 

Applicable for all systems that use 8mm bearing / bushing holes. 

It is recommended to bond these bushings to your gearbox shell with a super glue or epoxy, not always needed but recommended. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brecken Fawcett
They’re perfect

I got the low profile bushings for my high performance 13:1 gate titan 35k warhead build. The bushings themselves fit in place perfectly only had to tap one of them into place. I have put well over 10000 BBs through my build and haven’t had a single issue. Another thing I really liked about the bushings was that the low profile characteristics allowed for a better fitment of my gearbox to the actual receiver.

Little tight but good budget alternative to FLT

I bought the 8mm bushings for a 60rps brushless ssg and they are absolutely amazing with how low profile they are they made shimming a breeze the only complaint I have is my shs 12:1 gearset was a little tight and had trouble spinning in these bushings so I took a file to them and shaved the smallest amount out and they work great, make little noise and have held up to my semi spam for over 20000 rounds and counting