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The Real Deal Airsoft

Real Deal Airsoft 21.4mm Nozzle CNC

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CNC Aluminum Construction 

21.4 mm

Single O Ring internally 

Lubricate o ring  before use 

Comes with 2 different size thickness o rings. Use which ever size works best for your application. Tolerances between brands are slightly different, some cylinder heads you may need to use the thinner o ring where others may need the thicker. You are looking for a snug fit but not too snug that the nozzle can’t move along the cylinder head shaft  

Lubricate o rings and cylinder shaft. Real Deal Airsoft Multi Use Grease Recommended  

Most stock hop units use the standard 21.4 mm spec nozzle. If you are planning on keeping your stock hop chamber, this nozzle would be a good upgrade for you.   

We have found that in high rate of fire builds, nozzles with two o rings produces a higher amount of friction as it travels along the cylinder head shaft. In a HROF build, less friction means seating the bb and sealing against the bucking lips faster. 

Customer Reviews

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Will Hensel
Good product

Using a retro arms gear box, maxx m4a (aeg model) hopup and a maple leaf Mr. Hop bucking, the seal and feeding is perfect. All builds will differ in spacing so you might need to play around the nozzle length to get your seal and feeding working right, I’d recommend actually ordering both a 21.25 and this just to try them out, feeding issues don’t have to be complicated.

Isaac Schweitzer
Air seal!

Produces really good air seal.