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WARHEAD Industries Brushless Motor

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*** 36k Back on Pre Order 30k in stock , if you purchase a brushless motor, you are reserving your motor for the very next delivery*** Re Stock is usually two weeks

Brushless Motor Super torque Super Speed. Works with Current and Mosfets, tested personally with Gate Titan , Perun Hybrid, Any mosfet that solders to trigger contacts, and the majority of all modern mosfets. 

Brushless Motors have no brushes to get worn out, this is a huge step forward in airsoft technology.

Brushless motors offer more efficiency and performance  than Brushed motors, they have lower susceptibility to mechanical wear.

Higher Torque to weight Ratio.

Increased torque per watt of power input.

Increased reliability and lower maintenance.

Less mechanical noise.

Longer Service Life.

elimination of Ionizing sparks from the commutator.

Near Elimination of electromagnetic interference.

Which motor is right for you? it is a matter of how fast do you want your rate of fire, can your mags keep up?

Standard Low Speed 30k RPM 11.1V / 20k 7.4V

Medium Speed           36k RPM 11.1V / 25k 7.4V

High Speed                 52k RPM 11.1V / 35k 7.4V

In my experience the low speed is equal to a 30k motor similar to asg 30k, but with more torque. You can expect 30 rps on 13:1 build, and brrrrrrrt with DSG.

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Amazing product 10/10 because it is so good you should send me another for free